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Wedding Videography School | a podcast for wedding videographers

Wedding Videography School

Adam and Michael discuss life, love and wedding videography.
Reducing Capacity, Raising Prices, Rode Wireless GO and Late Night TippingJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork Let's Talk Editing with Jordan HallDecember 19, 2021 Episode artwork Adam's Jet-Setting Adventures, Michael’s Financial Pain and Wedding Video Sound DesignDecember 13, 2021 Episode artwork The Best Camera For Wedding Videography?December 01, 2021 Episode artwork Fewer Weddings, Smaller Deposits, and Switching Website PlatformsNovember 28, 2021 Episode artwork Worst Year Ever, But Good To Be Back!November 21, 2021 Episode artwork Season 3 TrailerNovember 17, 2021 Episode artwork 2021 Outlook Update, Bridal Shows, Picky Client Contract Revisions and Skull-CrushingMay 14, 2021 Episode artwork Birthdays, Song Selection, and The Consummation PackageMarch 14, 2021 Episode artwork Super Hot Back Talk, Editing Quotes and Loupedeck ThoughtsMarch 07, 2021 Episode artwork Adam's Stress, Michael's Wisdom, and Coping with Being a VideographerFebruary 21, 2021 Episode artwork Learning From Pros, Watching Your Own Vids and Double Booking February 13, 2021 Episode artwork Bonus: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Wedding Videography with Michael Lee RingFebruary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Bonus: A Wedding DJ’s Perspective with Tasos Hernandez January 30, 2021 Episode artwork Legend Status, The Vimeo Predicament, DVD Nostalgia and Editing Mill MarketingJanuary 23, 2021 Episode artwork New Year, New Style, New CameraJanuary 16, 2021 Episode artwork New Year Resolutions, Staying Creative, Taking Chances and Letting GoJanuary 09, 2021 Episode artwork Haircuts, Holidays, 2021 Predictions and Video Archive ManagementDecember 23, 2020 Episode artwork Traveling During Covid, Newbie Photographers and Weekend ShootsDecember 22, 2020 Episode artwork Montana Weddings, Leather and Lace, Grizzly Bears and Sharing a Bed with Adam BradleySeptember 22, 2020 Episode artwork Weird Wedding Surprise, Nudity at Weddings, Corona Masks and Henry Says HelloAugust 23, 2020 Episode artwork Coronavirus, Micro Weddings, the Beirut Bride and the Future of Wedding VideographyAugust 14, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus: If I Had to Start Over with Michael Lee RingJuly 17, 2020 Episode artwork Hail Storms, Elopements and Packing LightJuly 06, 2020 Episode artwork Bonus: The VideoBros Father's Day TakeoverJune 20, 2020 Episode artwork